The Juline Foundation for Children was founded in loving memory of Juline Schmitz, Founder and Director for the Juline School of Dance in Modesto, California.  Juline devoted over 30 years of her life to teaching children and adults the art of dance.  She had an overwhelming impact on the lives that she touched leaving a lasting and profound legacy in our community.  Prior to her passing in March of 2002, it was Juline’s vision to have the opportunity to reach out and teach dance education at our local schools with the hope of empowering children to self-express, gain confidence and determination, and to increase academic achievement.  With the help of many of her friends and family, the non-profit organization The Juline Foundation for Children was formed. 



Our Outreach dance programs are customizable 6-8 week sessions that include weekly one-hour movement to music classes with music, dance curriculum, and instruction provided by the Foundation free of charge to the students and the institution.  These programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each school based on time, class size, age and preference of dance type whether it be dance exploration, funk, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and musical theater.




Debra Bertucci - President

Dianne Changnon - Vice President

Lisa Medina - Executive Director

Linda West - Secretary

Kathaleen DeSalles, C.P.A. - Treasurer

Jill Price - Founder, Past President

Tina Maxin - Guild President

Ron Emerzian - Advisor

David Arce - Artistic Director, Juline Regional Youth Ballet

Valerie Nottbohm

Catherine Rhee

Vicki Ollson

Sharon Lovalvo

Jamie Vickers

Brett Weitl

Brenda Wilson




Many research studies have shown a direct correlation with academic success and achievement, self-esteem, motivation, and critical thinking skills among students who study dance, art and music.   Since the inception in 2002, over 8100 students have benefited from our growing program.  This achievement was made possible thanks to the generosity of many sponsors, individual donors, local businesses, and volunteers who without their hard work and support, our programs would not be possible.  Over the years we have seen these students who have actively participated in our program gain confidence, self-motivation and perform better in school.  It is an inspiration to all of us as educators, parents, and friends in the community to see our work grow and evolve.  We believe we can continue to be one of the integral parts of the educational base needed to positively shape a student's academic and social path.